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You Ask. We write. 

Content creation as a Service (CCCaaS).

You don’t have time or like to write 1000 word technical documents. But it's brand building...

Your clients aren’t plowing through 1000 word documents to understand how your product benefits their business. But they need to hear from you...

We ghostwrite technical content that doesn’t suck and help businesses convey the value of their technology through strategic narratives that attract more customers. Leave the technical jargon behind, while still conveying expertise. It's that simple.  

Headquartered in Austin TX, with writers across the world, HarperJacobs has been writing or ghostwriting content for clients since 2009. We can work with your current case studies, white papers and even web copy or create new & fresh content. 

 We Look forward to serving you.  


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case studies

You (and all your competitors) are writing the same unmemorable case studies. Or you don’t even have case studies? Let’s amplify your message with simple and compelling content.


We’ve heard it before ‘My product/service is very technical’. We'll help you write thought leadership pieces or white papers that, without losing the technical, ensure that your prospective clients get your product/service.

web copy

We get it! Sometimes you just need words on a webpage. It can be anything from a blog post to copy that displays thought-leadership. We write these for breakfast. Let’s take the load off your hands and keep it fresh.  

Ask not what copy you can create - ask what copy can Harper|Jacobs create for you
— Harper|Jacobs Writer


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