Interest #1

Interest #2

Interest #3

1. Think of topics that build your brand.

2. Our bot walks you through great writing @$5/post.

3. Distribute your awesomeness directly to Medium/Linkedin.

What top three interests are you planning to write about? The intersection of your Interest #1, Interest #2 and Interest #3 is how you will build your brand. Keep this in image in mind as you write. Let's get to it!

1- Write your first interest?

2- Write your second interest?

3- Write your third interest?

Write more...better etc

That’s what we promise; that you will improve the quality of what you write and do it consistently. Through leading questions broken out into the simple Intro/Body/Conclusion structure, the HarperJacobs tool guides you through the creation of content that will help you build your brand as a thought leader. Consider the questions as prompts. Prompts that you respond to with your thoughts as full sentences.

What will you need? You’ll need i) your brilliant ideas ii) data or research you’d like to include in your writing iii) a willingness to conquer the blinking cursor. With these and the tool you will end up with a quality blog post. Every time. Let's get started !

What's the title? Don't worry you can change this later.

Quick note: Next you will answer a few questions. The goal is for you to write. To get you into flow. Answer as you like but with sentences that are complete thoughts. What type of post would you like to write?

What type of post would you like to write?